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4 Amazing Adaptogens To Try For Hormonal Harmony

Updated: Apr 4

So you’ve been trying to figure out how to get your hormones in check for a while now.

You’ve heard of adaptogens. And it seems like everyone is trying them but you’re just not sure if they are right for you.

First, let’s start with what exactly are adaptogens?

Simply put, adaptogens are medicinal herbs and mushrooms which are known for their ability to help the body adapt to stress and restore balance. They have been used for centuries to help improve energy, mood and to balance the body’s hormones.

Stress comes in many forms and impacts all of us, but the most important thing is that when supported, the body knows exactly how to manage and respond to these external stresses without causing all the unwanted symptoms.

Adaptogens support the body in managing and adapting to stressors. They can either have a calming effect or a stimulating effect so the best adaptogenic herb to support you will depend on what symptoms you are dealing with.

Maca ashwaganda licorice root schizandra adaptogens

Keep in mind that a strategy for dealing with stress and hormone imbalances is not as simple as taking an adaptogen, but if you pick the one that is right for you, it can help in a noticeable way.

Top Adaptogens for Hormonal Health


  • Assists in the stabilization of blood sugars by regulating the production of insulin.

  • It helps calm anxiety and improves memory and sleep.

  • Helps to stabilize mood and manage stress.

I recommend the Ashwagandha from Organika (you can use code LAURAMARTIRE25 to save 25%)


  • Supports fertility; increased libido and sexual function.

  • Increases energy and endurance.

  • Improves the balance of estrogen; decreasing the severity of menopause symptoms.

  • Helps to balance cortisol levels that may be out of balance due to stress.

  • Is helpful with low thyroid function.

I recommend the Maca from Organic Traditions.


  • Helps stabilize blood sugar and support the liver and thyroid.

  • Increases endurance and mental performance by improving mental clarity and raising energy levels by providing a sense of calmness and fighting off fatigue.

  • Improves liver function and digestive health; increasing enzyme production, improving circulation, and increasing the ability to remove toxic wastes and heavy metals from the body. Liver and digestive wellness are essential for healthy hormones!

  • Improves thyroid function.

I recommend the Schisandra from Organic Traditions.

Licorice Root

  • Stress reduction; stimulating the regulation of the adrenal gland by preventing the breakdown and the production of cortisol.

  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-viral properties; improves skin conditions including eczema and acne.

Remember if you are thinking about including adaptogens in your routine it’s always best to work with a trained practitioner who can guide you through the process and determine which one is best suited for you. Looking to get more support with where to start on your hormone healing journey? Click here to learn more about the Hormone RESET program.

Find out which hormonal imbalance may be holding you back from radiant energy, PMS-free cycles, and a happy weight.

Answer the questions as honestly as you can (I know it can be tough to get real with ourselves about our symptoms). When you get to the end, I’ll let you know which hormone imbalance might be holding you back and what you can do to feel like yourself again.


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