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Wouldn’t it be amazing to put on your favourite clothes and love the way they fit your body?

Wouldn’t it feel great to be bursting with energy instead of dragging yourself through the day?

Wouldn’t it change your life if you had realistic and sustainable strategies that you could maintain forever?


No more diets and constantly feeling like you're trying to be 'healthy' or 'good' only to end up exactly where you started, still feeling tired, and frustrated.


I’m guessing the answer is YES, it would.

And lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re here to do together.

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A 12 Week 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program for busy
women struggling with low energy, cravings and stubborn we
ight. You've tried all the trendy diets and are ready for a more balanced and sustainable approach to getting on a healthier path


  • finally, lose weight (and keep it off)

  • balance hormones

  • have more energy

  • get rid of inflammation and thrive!

Get private, personalized nutrition support including meal plans, coaching calls, and supplement recommendations- without restrictive dieting, intensive exercise, or body-shaming nutrition advice.

Please listen when I say - YOU are not the reason all those diets and programs you’ve tried haven’t worked.  It is not your fault that you couldn't stick to Keto, or that the 48 hours you tried going vegan ended with you inhaling a chicken burger in the McDonald’s parking lot.

There’s a reason none of those things have given you long term results- and it’s
not because you didn’t try hard enough, do enough, want it enough.

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It’s because you weren’t getting enough.

Enough Nourishment.

Enough Support.

Enough Knowledge.

My 12-week Nourish To Thrive Program is basically the opposite of a strict diet- we’re not focusing on what you need to cut out… but instead what nutrition you need to add in for hormonal balance.

I don’t believe restriction is the solution to stress- and trust me if you’re still reading this looking for answers... your body is stressed.

If you feel exhausted all the time even when you’re well rested...


If you feel like food cravings and lack of willpower are getting in the way of being able to create healthier habits that stick

If you just want to be healthy without having to cut out all your favourite foods, track calories and follow a million rules  ​

If you can’t seem to shift those extra uncomfortable pounds that have settled in inconvenient places…


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1:1 Nutrition For Hormone Balance

By the way…

My name is Laura- and once upon a time I was juggling a family and career, somehow always feeling wired and exhausted at the same time, and constantly losing and gaining back the same weight.

For years I bounced from diet to diet- I felt like I had tried everything… and I also felt like crap.

I think at some point I really started to think that this was just how it was now- this is how I was going to look, this is how I was going to feel. That it was just part of being a mom and a busy woman with lots of responsibility.

Spoiler Alert: I did NOT have to settle for feeling that way- and neither do you.

In 2016, I left my career unexpectedly to care for my father at the end of his life. To say I was burnt out is an understatement- I was not OK.


I started exploring ways to make myself feel better without adding more to my workload- and this

led me to a qualification and career in Holistic Nutrition.

Simple changes, a shift in approach, and a commitment to prioritizing my own health changed my life completely- and I know it can change yours.


You don’t have to settle for feeling this way. You deserve to be the best version of you- and that starts with how you nourish yourself

I see a lot of women like you.

Struggling to get the results they want because they’re
unintentionally putting more stress on their body instead of supporting it.

This often looks like undereating (yes, you need more than 1200 calories,) excessive exercise, restrictive all-or-nothing diet plans, and outdated health advice that was made for 18-year-old boys and not fully grown women with lives, kids, stress, and a million different things to manage.

Here's the thing- if your hormones and metabolism aren’t working correctly - your body isn't going to respond to eating clean and exercising and you're going to continue feeling tired, frumpy and like you are never going to find that long-lost version of yourself that you are longing for until you start making the right changes to support your hormones.

Let’s get one thing clear: Health advice that ignores your hormone health is not health advice- and you don’t have to settle for solutions that weren’t made for you.

Instead, you can get realistic advice, hands-on support, and a customized plan from someone who understands where you’re at and knows how to help get you where you want to go.

ready to hit your happy weight, boost your energy and feel confident in your food choices?  


  • We start with an onboarding call - this is where I’ll get a better sense of your health history, where you’re at and what your goals are. We will do a deep dive to uncover the underlying cause of your struggles and pinpoint what nutrition and lifestyle habits are keeping you stuck from reaching your goals.  

  • Throughout the 12 weeks, we will meet for 3 additional 45-minute follow-up sessions to see how your plan is working for you and adjust as needed.

Here is what you will receive:

  • A customized plan with nutrition, lifestyle & workout recommendations.  We will focus on helping you create daily habits that help your unique body thrive. 

  • 12 weekly meal guides that include recipes, and shopping lists to help make meal planning simple. You’ll know exactly what to do. 

  • Additional downloads and guides that will cover hormone health, workout plans, mindful eating, meal prep, grocery guides with all my recommended brands and much more. 

  • Customized supplement recommendations based on your needs.  You will have access to my online dispensary and a 10% discount for any of the supplements recommended.

  • Weekly check-ins to help keep you accountable and motivated. 

  • Ongoing support via a private app to get all your questions answered between sessions.   I’m here to support you and will be with you every step of the way. 

  • During our time together you will be provided with all the tools and information you need to create lifelong changes. 


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I finally don't have severe pain and bloating during ovulation, my sleep is better, and my good feels more positive and genuinely happy. I am eating more consistently with more variation throughout the week and I'm so happy I joined the Hormone RESET. 


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I've finally got the answers I needed.   My energy is coming back, my cravings are gone and my period came and went this month without any issues!!!


What clients are saying...

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Ready for a simple and sustainable approach to weight loss, more energy and feeling your best?

Join today for $859 or 3 payments of $286

Healthy Diet For Hormonal Imbalance

If you’re still here, I know it’s because you want to stop feeling fatigued, frumpy, and like you’re

never going to feel fully yourself ever again.


I want you to know that you don’t have to settle for the slump. You deserve to prioritize yourself-
no matter how much time you have, no matter how many responsibilities you’re juggling.


You should be a priority in your own life.

It’s time to put yourself at the top of your to-do list.

What clients are saying...

"I'm feeling so much better! Laura is a thoughtful and knowledgeable R.H.N. She listens and provides realistic solutions and goals. She is always ready to answer any questions I might have and her RESET program helped tremendously with my adrenal and hormone issues as well as my overall well-being."


"For the first time I don't feel like I'm on another diet! I’m so grateful for all of Laura’s advice and help. She has given me the tools that I need to continue this way of eating. It’s not another diet it’s my new way of eating! Her approach is amazing and very easy to sustain. I feel great and I’m so happy I made the decision to work with Laura."



"I love how Laura is so patient and helped me slowly retrain my thinking about food and always made me feel like I could achieve my goals...even when there was much work to do healing my body before I could even start working towards them. I needed my hand held and she did a wonderful job supporting me every step of the way. "


Frequently Asked Questions

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