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Registered Holistic Nutritionist Vaughn Ontario Canada

Hi, my name is Laura!

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a wife, and a mom.

My perimenopause journey,

In my 40s, I found myself struggling to navigate perimenopause. I experienced firsthand the weight fluctuations, energy dips, and hormonal roller-coasters that many women face but few discuss openly. Like you, I was searching for answers, relief, and a way to feel like myself again.

At some point I started to think that this was just how it was now- this is how I was going to look, this is how I was going to feel. That this neverending slump was just part of being a mom and a busy woman with lots of responsibility and part of what it meant to age. 

Spoiler Alert: I did NOT have to settle for feeling that way- and neither do you.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist Laura Martire

In 2016, I left my career unexpectedly to care for my parents during their final chapter in life. 

To say I was burnt out is an understatement- I was not OK.

I started exploring ways to make myself feel better without adding more to my workload- which naturally led me to nutrition. Fast forward to today, as a holistic nutritionist, I spend my time helping busy women like you navigate perimenopause with confidence… all with nourishing, balanced and realistic nutrition strategies.

Simple changes, a shift in my mindset, and a commitment to prioritizing my own health changed my life completely- and I know it can change yours.

You don’t have to settle for feeling this way.

You deserve to be the most confident, vibrant, and fulfilled version of you- and that starts with how you nourish yourself.

I'm committed to empowering you with hormone-loving nutrition strategies that:

  • Reignite Your Energy: Say goodbye to persistent fatigue and disrupted sleep. 

  • Harmonize Your Hormones: Tackle the underlying triggers of weight fluctuations, mood swings, and hormonal imbalances.

  • Nourish Your Gut: Combat inflammation and ease digestive woes.

  • Balance Your Blood Sugar: Wave goodbye to relentless cravings and embrace a more satisfying, stable relationship with food.

  • Achieve Lasting Weight Loss: Step away from the cycle of short-term fixes. Together, we'll craft a lasting wellness blueprint that supports you through perimenopause and beyond

Holistic Nutritionist Vaughn Ontario

When we work together, we’ll optimize
your nutrition and incorporate realistic lifestyle changes that will help you achieve results that are here to stay. 

Interested in trying my approach?

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