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How To Cycle Sync Your Workouts & Diet To Feel Your Best Everyday

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Throughout the month, many hormone shifts occur which play a role in the way women feel. Cycle syncing allows us to adjust diet, exercise, and lifestyle with the phases of our menstrual cycle to achieve a balanced life that feels aligned. This allows us to truly nurture our body at times of low energy and optimize at times of high energy. In this week's blog, we will cover each phase of your cycle and discuss ways to cycle-sync your diet and workouts so you can feel your best.

Phases Of Your Menstural Cycle:

Follicular Phase: The Beginning Of Your Cycle (7 - 10 days)

This phase marks the end of your menstrual cycle. It is a time for your body to prepare for the release of an egg. The overall production of hormones increases, not just reproductive ones. Follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) prompt the ovaries to prepare the egg for release. While increased estrogen levels cause the uterine lining to thicken in order to host the egg that will be released during ovulation.

Ovulation Phase: The Second Phase Of Your Cycle (3-4 days)

During this phase, an egg is released and makes its way to the uterus. In a way, the other 3 phases revolve around this one. Luteinizing hormones (LH) are released by the pituitary which triggers the release of an egg from the ovary follicle. This egg travels through the fallopian tube ending in the uterus. Both estrogen and testosterone increase during this phase. Estrogen prompts the thickening of the uterus. While testosterone supports the release of the egg.

Luteal Phase: The Third Phase Of Your Cycle (7-10 days)

This phase generally causes the most concern for women. If hormones are not in balance, PMS symptoms such as acne, swollen and/or tender breasts, fatigue, food cravings, and mood swings can occur. During this phase, progesterone production increases and the corpus luteum forms on the ovary. This sends a signal to the pituitary to stop making follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones. This ensures that there is only 1 egg. Both estrogen and testosterone levels also rise toward the end of the phase. If the egg isn't fertilized, then the corpus luteum is reabsorbed into the body, and progesterone production stops as soon as the period starts.

Menstrual Phase: The Fourth Phase Of Your Cycle (3-7 days)

If fertilization hasn’t occurred, the menstrual phase begins. The corpus luteum is reabsorbed into the body and progesterone production stops. The uterine lining will now shed, which means bleeding will occur. There will be a combination of brown and red bleeding along with common symptoms of lower backaches, fatigue, cravings, and cramps. Estrogen will reach its highest level and then drop, sending a signal to the hypothalamus to begin the cycle again.

Cycle Syncing Your Workouts & Diet:

woman cycle syncing and tracking her menstural cycle

Follicular Phase

Foods To Include:

Eat lighter meals consisting of phytoestrogen foods such as flax seeds, fermented foods like sauerkraut for intestinal health, grains, and legumes for fibre and energy, good quality lean protein, and a lot of vegetables.


Most women feel good both physically and emotionally during this phase which allows for more strenuous activity. It’s a great time to challenge yourself or try a new workout routine.

Ovulation Phase

Foods To Include:

During this phase, steady energy throughout the day is essential, so it may be best to eat smaller meals on a more regular basis. Ensure your meals are well-balanced with protein, fibre and healthy fats. If you need some ideas you can grab the free 3-Day Happy Hormone Meal Plan with all the recipes here.


Physically, this is a good time to work out. Swimming, running, spinning, or using weights may feel easier to do at this time.

Luteal Phase

Foods To Include:

Foods high in B vitamins and C vitamins, high-fibre foods, cruciferous vegetables, and complex carbohydrates are ideal to add to your meals during this phase.


Energy levels are normally lower during this time. It’s important to get a proper amount of sleep and not take on too many activities. Moderate exercises like yoga and walking is ideal. Deep breathing and meditation are helpful as well.

Menstrual Phase

Foods To Include:

Foods high in calcium, magnesium, and bromelain help with muscle aches and cramping. Foods containing essential fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics reduce inflammation.


Since your body is going through a process of change and needs time to recover, exercise should be light or moderate. Yoga, pilates, and walking are great options during this time. Be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep as well.

Cycle syncing is a great tool to understand and optimize each phase of the cycle. The female body is incredible, allowing ourselves to rest when needed and exert energy at the optimal time can help in achieving a balanced lifestyle. Creating this alignment can be very empowering. If this feels right for you, I encourage you to give it a try!

Ready to get some support? We can work together to get to the root cause of your imbalance so that you can spend your energy on the changes that will bring your hormones back into alignment.

Here are some ways we can work together.


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