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5 Amazing Things That Happened When I Cut Down On My Sugar Intake

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Sugar cravings are by far one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome when you’re trying to make changes for a healthier life.

Years ago, I was having a hard time breaking up with sugar. I was rewarding myself with sweets after a long day at work, having 2-3 cups of coffee, feeling exhausted still, no matter what. I was constantly gaining and losing the same weight and was always craving sweets and carbs! I wanted to eat healthy foods and become the best version of myself I just wasn’t sure where to start.

Through my own journey to becoming a nutritionist, I learned what it was going to take stop feeling fatigued and hit (and maintain) my happy weight for good. For me, it started with getting rid of sugar and making changes to the way I nourished my body every day!

sugar cravings

Kicking the sugar habit can be challenging but cutting back on your sugar intake can offer up a range of benefits:

Increased Energy Levels:

Refined sugar enters your bloodstream almost instantly which causes your energy levels to surge and then crash. When you start to eat less sugar the fluctuations in your blood sugar and energy levels will be greatly reduced and you’ll find yourself feeling much more energetic throughout the day. Goodbye to those 3 pm energy slumps!

Healthier Looking Skin:

Consuming too much refined sugar can impact your skin in several ways. First, it causes the collagen and elastin in your skin to become inflamed. Both collagen and elastin help your skin stay firm and minimize wrinkles. Second, eating too much sugar can lead to inflammation and contribute to acne and rosacea. When you limit the amount of refined sugar you consume you’ll see a notable difference in your skin. It will look smoother and you’ll get back that healthy glow.

Easier Weight Loss:

Sugar passes through your digestive system very quickly and isn’t as satiating as foods with lower amounts of sugar. When you begin to limit the amount of sugar and refined carbs you are consuming and start to include more nutrient-dense foods and the right balance of proteins, fiber, and healthy fats you’ll find it much easier to remain full for longer and manage/lose weight.

Better Sleep:

The ups and downs in your energy caused by consuming too much sugar can impact your quality of sleep. Cutting down on sugar allows you to have a more restful, better quality sleep.

Healthy Hormones:

Consuming too much sugar can impact your hormone balance. Specifically, it can impact your insulin and cortisol levels. Both of which are fat-storing hormones so keeping them in check and stable is ideal. By supporting healthy hormones with the right foods and lifestyle habits you’ll be saying goodbye to PMS, fatigue, low libido…….

Ready to kick your sugar habit and not sure where to start? Check out the

10 DAY SUGAR DETOX PROGRAM. I’ll show you step-by-step how to finally put an end to those sugar and carb cravings! This isn’t some crazy detox plan - you’ll still be enjoying plenty of delicious foods.


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